Welcome to Smash’s Strength Lab, your resource for personal training in Ottawa, Ontario.

SMASH’s Strength Lab offers targeted personal training to reach a variety of fitness and physique goals.

As a certified personal trainer, natural bodybuilder, military athlete, competitive powerlifter, and nutrition coach, we know how tough it can be trying to follow the “perfect” training program and work hard for weeks, months, even years; and you’re still not achieving the results you wanted — or you’re getting bored and frustrated in the process!

The truth is there is no perfect program, no cookie-cutter nutrition plan, and no exercise routine that will work forever.  That’s why we focus on making small changes over time and getting a little bit better each and every time we train.  We adapt the changes in each person’s lifestyle and goals to further one’s training to a lifestyle of health, performance and success!

Our focus is in making you a stronger and more capable person by carefully implementing short term goals and setting the standard for helping people become self-aware, confident and driven to succeed at their fitness goals.

If you are you’re an athlete, a physique competitor, or simply health-conscious and want to feel better, move better and look amazing as you age, it all starts here with guided exercise and nutrition.  

As a resource for personal training Ottawa, I work with everyone, whatever your goals are and wherever you are in your fitness journey.  We know you can find what you’re looking for with SMASH’s Strength Lab.

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