What We Do

At SMASH's Strength Lab our focus is to bring the personal back to personal training!

We have a hybrid system of training that utilizes the very best training programming to deliver optimal results to a variety of clientele.  We help build strength, stamina and burn fat each and every session.

We build confidence and thrive on challenging ourselves to get better everyday.

We start with an assessment to determine a persons goals, ability levels, movement patterns, health history and identify injuries.

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Then we decide on whether private or semi-private training is a better fit for you and your particular goals.

We realize that not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, compete in powerlifting or participate in the Crossfit games.

However, we do realize that strength is never a weakness, mobility to keep doing the things you want to do is important, and being happy with what you see in the mirror is crucial to your overall well-being.

Fitness is an entirely individual question, which is why we ask the question -- what does fitness mean to you?

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