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EDT training or Escalated Density Training is a concept designed and popularized by Charles Stanley is one of my favorite intensity modifiers to add into a program.

The overall concept (the easy concept) is to perform two exercises, preferably antagonists (ie. biceps and triceps, chest and back, quads and hamstrings) back to back superset fashion for a certain time period to increase overall volume and loading potential.

The goal is to complete every exercise with perfect form for a certain number of reps and then immediately move onto the next exercise, back and forth until the time runs out.

Some people count the amount of sets completed in the certain amount of time to influence the amount of overall volume and overload each week, thus trying to beat their previous volumes and totals.

For our usage at the Lab, we try to keep these intensity modifiers only for a short two week block in order to not overtrain certain muscle groups and allow the body to recover adequately due to the sincere intensity of this technique.  This works great in a semi-private personal training environment simply due to the ability to push past previous plateaus and get complete muscular stimulation in a short time frame.

An advanced athlete may be able to do these fairly frequently providing they have enough recovery time before their next session.

Now not entirely how Charles describes in his book we've adapted this protocol into a great overall finisher movement(s) for many different exercises that serves as a huge boost in volume and overload for the muscles in question.  More volume, more overload, more tension equals more lean mass.  Period.

Give them a try, if you're tough enough!

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