Bad Days At The Gym

First off, I want to correct the opening tagline. There really are no bad days at the gym. There are days at the gym where you feel weak. There are days at the gym where you feel tired. There are days at the gym where you feel as though you've suddenly aged 50 years over the course of the night. We all have those days at the gym, unfortunately.

The whole idea is that not every day is going to be a great day for a workout...but at least it's something.  You went in there (wherever there is...) and did your thing.  You moved, you sweated, you worked as hard as you could for that day.  You got better.

And that's what counts.

You got better.  You did something good for yourself and your body today.

Maybe you didn't press the heaviest of weights that day.  Maybe you didn't run as far as you normally would.  Maybe you just hit a couple quick mobility exercises, did the first exercise and went home.  You still committed to going in and doing something.


Lesson #1

This is really the first step I tell most new clients towards exercise and fitness.  Get in there and start moving.

It's really easy if you have a goal and somewhere to be.  It's even easier if someone is expecting you and keeping you accountable for being there.  In the end, just get to the gym.

You're going to do something.  No one ever goes into the gym and loiters around the waiting area with the collection of shoes, coats, hats and random gym bags.  At least not normally.

Get in there and start doing something.  That's always the first step in a much larger process of getting yourself back on track.

Often times we lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life.  Kids, work, family stress, eating out, all adds up to a lack of time for exercising and getting better physically.  So just get there...

...and once you're there, DON'T EVER QUIT!  It's so much harder to get back once you stop.

A Workout Rule to Live By

As a general rule, if you're having one of those days where you just can't seem to get motivated, just get to your chosen workout spot and start off slow.

Get some dynamic stretches going, some mobility and then proceed into your big exercise for the day.  Whatever that exercise is give it what you've got in the tank.  If it's only a little that's okay.  Keep on trucking.  Below you'll find some nice dynamic stretching moves designed to get you ready for a good workout!

If the weights feel stupid heavy that day and nothing is going well, you're still unmotivated to continue, then that's the point where you call it a day and say, well, tomorrow is going to be a better day.  Go home, eat some food and rest.  You'll tackle it head on tomorrow.

The key here is that you went in, you kept with your routine and you did a little something.  If for anything else you should feel a little bit better simply by the fact that you did some stretching and mobility, which we could all use a little more of anyway.

Learning to listen to what our bodies are telling us is part of this whole exercise process.  Although sometimes it's confusing, because there has been more than one occasion that a workout that started off as a blooper turned into a crazy training session with several personal records being set.  So don't count any day as being that day until you've tried the tip above.

You may be missing out on just what you're body needs.


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