Top 10 Exercises for Getting Back in Shape


Are you looking to get back in shape?  Here's 10 of the very best exercises that you can do to maximize time, efficiency and get into awesome shape by summer.

I know, I know I didn't say 6 weeks, but hey, you want to do things right you're going to have to put in some time to get back into the groove.  After all, what's the point of taking off all the excess flubber and building some solid muscle mass only to pack it back on in a month of eating and drinking debauchery.  Take it off once and then stick with it to have an awesome life that leaves you feeling ready for the next challenge.

  1.  Squats...not much more functional than being able to do a full hip and knee bend to bring the body closer to the ground and up.  Especially when you ad a bit of additional weight to build up those leg and hip muscles.
  2. Deadlifts...picking heavy things up off the ground is useful for keeping our bodies lower back and leg musculature healthy and operating correctly.
  3. Pushups...a foundational exercise you can do anywhere that will help build up the shoulders, triceps, chest and core muscles at the same time. What are you waiting for jump down and give me 50!
  4. Pull-ups...what you do for one side of the body, you should also do to the other.  So build those back muscles so you can keep the body in balance.  This will help prevent injuries and add years to your shoulder health.
  5. Dips...a great movement for developing your triceps, shoulders and chest musculature.
  6. that core up so you can support your own weight and help stabilize your spine.  Remember to breathe correctly.
  7. Back extensions...a stronger lower back that can handle your body weight for a lot of repetitions is going to be less risk of injury and keep better postural control.
  8. Core Twists...building those obliques and hip muscles will help add an athletic element into your training that can help reduce the risk of injury while twisting and rotating the body.  Super useful for anyone who golfs or plays recreational sports.
  9. Walking-Jogging-Running...being able to move the body with ease and move from place to place easily under your own power is empowering.  The more you do, the easier it gets and the better you'll feel.
  10. Swimming...unloading the body from the stresses of gravity while developing the lungs and heart is a great way to build up your aerobic capacity.  Additionally, swimming is great for those of us with joint and tendon issues that don't allow us to train heavy all the time.


There you have it!  10 Overall Awesome Exercise that you can do to improve your body, get back in shape and lead an awesome life!

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