Testimonials for CPT SMASH

It's always great to get some feedback on how you're doing with your clients personal training.

"Over the past two months I have been training with Jesse at SMASH Strength Lab.  Every session he has guided me by introducing new exercises and stretches to help improve my strength and mobility.  I am amazed at what he has helped me achieve in a very short time.  I would highly recommend Jesse as he is an excellent trainer and really knows his stuff.   Thank you Jesse!"


Lori Lapointe

Lori is one of my absolute favorite clients whom I've had the privilege of coaching.  Not only is she superbly motivated and determined to get better, but she makes the extra effort and does a lot of additional training on her own time.

She makes an effort to show up on time, works hard and gives 110% on everything in her training.

It's this type of "go to" attitude and positive mindset that really get results, and in Lori's case she's going to be fitter, stronger and able to do just about anything her heart desires for the rest of her life!

Strength + Mobility = Freedom

Great job Lori!  Keep it up!



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  • Jess is awesome. He definitely knows his stuff. On top of his custom workouts that keep me motivated, he has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and other health-related topics. I’ve seen a lot of positive results in a short period of time.