Pricing List for SMASH’s Strength Lab


Here is the Price List for Training Services .

CPT SMASH believes that personal training should be priced like a car payment.  You're paying for a time spot to do maintenance on yourself, just like your car, which is how we view training.

We want you to work hard.  Get a great training session each and every time.

Get better every session.

And walk out feeling motivated and thinking about how awesome you feel.


Our coaches are as dedicated to your goals as you are.  The ones who keep you going when you feel you can't go on.  The ones' who have the answers to all of your fitness questions (and if we don't we'll find them).

The ones' who you can rely on to give you a straight answer and great advice that will benefit you not only physically, but impact your entire life.

For us, training is a lifestyle and that's what we are driven to instill in our clients lives.

We have multiple rates for private and semi-private training that are both affordable and sustainable for reaching long term goals.

We know that training is tough.  It requires dedication, consistency and hard work.  But if you give it your 110% effort, you're going to get there!

So if you're in Ottawa, Ontario and are thinking about personal training...

Click here now for our price list!


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