Greg Kenyon’s Testimonial for CPT SMASH

Here's a favorite testimonial from my client Greg Kenyon, when I trained back in Wenatchee, WA.  The good old days...

Greg was such a motivated and driven individual!  He was awesome to train, even though he was super loud all the time.  I remember one time he walked into the gym with such enthusiasm for our chosen leg day, shouting at the top of his lungs...

Well, what are we going to do today SATAN!  Leg press supersetted with lunges!  Worse, split squats!  Well, which one this time!

Satan was one of the chosen nicknames he had for me.  I guess it felt a bit too ominous to keep, so I chose to leave it at the CPT SMASH.

It was always a fun time training Greg.  Our two personalities were quite boisterous and we generally drew quite a crowd when we trained.

Greg's testimonial for CPT SMASH

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