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Coaching and Why You Need It!

Everyone needs a coach at some point or time in their lives.  It's essential towards getting to your goals in the most efficient and safe manner as possible.  Coaching is a fundamental part of our society and has proven it's effectiveness over the years.  A good coach can help us get out of our shells and accomplish the things we struggle with or have little knowledge about.  Perhaps they just show us a better or faster way of doing things.  Sometimes they just push us outside our comfort zone and give us the nudge that we need to succeed at our endeavors, whether it be in the physical realm as in personal training or strength coaching, in the business realm with helping grow your business or perhaps financially as with a financial planner.  All of these positions are coaching us to achieve a better end result.

This saves us on one of our most precious commodities...TIME!

And we're all struggling for a little more time in our daily pursuits.

And if you're not one to love exercising and fitness as much as myself or my other coaches, then it may seem like a daunting task to put together a proper training session, prepare a healthy meal or simply organize your time efficiently so you actually get some quality exercise into your schedule while remaining as injury free as possible.

The other factor that personal training and coaching help increase EFFICIENCY!

Without a direction and purpose how do you know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  Exercise and fitness is easy for some of us, but not everyone has the necessary skills and movement patterns to know what they should be doing at a certain point.

Should you start off on your fitness endeavor with jogging and running?

Is it better to eat high carb and low fat or high fat and low carb?

What is this protein stuff you're talking about?

Do I need to take these supplements to get bigger muscles?

Can I burn fat quicker with cardio or resistance training exercises?

All these basic questions are easy to answer, but complicated, because it depends on the individual.

Individuality is key here.

If you're getting coaching, that coach should be manipulating the variables in regards to one person, YOU!  You want to be getting enough individual treatment so that you're able to apply and demonstrate sound principles that are going to help you.  The approach may help other people, but good coaches can assess and determine what is going to be more optimal for a particular person.  That's what makes them a qualified coach.  Cookie cutter approaches may work for some, but often than not they will fail, because there's no direction and action to be taken on an individual level that helps that person grow and apply the knowledge they have attained.

A good coach will challenge you, keep you engaged and always seek to push the realms of the possible.  Above all in the fitness realm the goal we have at the Strength Lab is to keep things fun, challenging and leave you feeling good.  Like you got a great workout, but not beat down and torn up.

Let's face it, life beats us down enough.  You don't want your training session to feel like a burden.  It should always feel hard and challenging, but leave you feeling energized and waiting for the next session.

The motivation that an enthusiastic coach can bring to the table will help you be successful in whatever you're trying to accomplish.

Look at it like this...

Think about the level of success in our youth and professional athletic teams.  How far do you think these players would go without a coach guiding them, teaching them and challenging them to perform at their best level.

We all need this.  This push, this kick in the pants saying, "Hey, you can do more!" "You can do better!"  "You can do it!"

Now if coaching was free it would be a no brainer.  Everyone would get coaching at some point or time in there life or another.  There would be no excuse not to.  After all, how many professional athletes, Olympians, business owners, get to success without having a mentor or multiple coaches and teams of people that help them along the way.

You don't have to do it alone!  Get a coach and then start getting better every day!

If you're curious about how to get started with a coach here at the Strength Lab, contact us HERE!

If you're out of area then we have a whole list of great programs to get you started here at the Armory with LIVE help for a very low subscription cost.  THE ARMORY



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Jesse "Captain Smash" Howland is the owner of SMASH’s Strength Lab, which offers targeted personal training to reach a variety of fitness and physique goals. A natural bodybuilder, competitive powerlifter, certified personal trainer, and nutrition coach, Jesse is often the go-to resource for personal training Ottawa. He studied Exercise Science at Oregon State University and even trained at the world famous Gold's Gym. He's a former US Army Captain with the 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, a former blog writer at Veterans Fitness Career College, and former Chief Executive Officer at U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM). His workouts and personal training are army-inspired to help reach your weightloss, athletic, or physique goals.