Pink Iron – A Woman’s Strength and Muscle Building Program

Pink Iron is one of my latest workouts that I've been messing around with for years.  It's a combination of solid strength training movements that add both strength and mass with a bit of conditioning to help burn fat.

This program will not only make you a force to be reckoned with in the gym, but also help you get those shapely muscular lines that look firm and still feminine.

However, you can take this program for all it's worth with some solid dietary intervention and use it to train for bodybuilding or physique shows as well.  The dietary addition will help burn off any extra fat, while maintaining and building solid muscle mass that's ideal for any show.

Please contact me if you have the intention of using this for a show and we can discuss the details of your dietary intervention on an individual basis as everyone's dietary strategy should be a bit different.


Enjoy the first workout!

This first one is a intermediate workout that's designed to get you familiar with basic lifts in a progressive manner, while learning how to control your tempo and put up some big lifts by the end of the cycle.  This will prepare you for the next series which will be a combination of heavy strength training mixed with conditioning.

Pink Iron Program 1