Origins of Food Prep

Origins of Food Prep with CPT SMASH

It's all a question of what you want to do.  It's called a goal!

Once I had a good client of mine who I was coaching for an aesthetic based goal. She had a body weight goal that seemed reasonably attainable, and yet no matter how hard she trained or how hard she lifted she just couldn't get under that certain barrier.

It was then and their that I realized I had to do something specific in towards her nutrition.

The internal monologue that I had with myself was one of well what wasn't working?

Was it her training?

Nope, that was solid. Four days a week with me undergoing some of the hardest training sessions out of any of my clients, and lifting substantial amounts of weight each session. Not to mention the 5 days of rigorous cardio she performed on the Step-Mill.  Nope, not that.

Okay, how about sleep or hormone levels? Well, sleep we checked in at an average of 7 hours a night, so no problem there.

Hormone levels seemed normal. No onset of menopause or symptoms of something else entirely, so no issues there.

Well, the only variable that seemed to fit her dilemma was her nutrition. Hence, SMASH's Food Prep was born.

I started off simply providing her with food stuffs that I would pre-package in take away containers in order to make things easy for her.

She loved the meals, they were tasty and convenient (not to mention they were loaded with protein, which she was lacking). As a wife and mother of two wonderful children how could she not enjoy not having to try and accommodate her nutritional needs with that of two growing children and a hungry spouse.

To keep things fresh I delivered to her twice a week, during her training sessions.

Within a matter of weeks, she had lost the remaining 6 or 9 pounds that she was struggling to get under and was happy as a clam.

Results matter!

So, now we weren't going to be stepping on stage anytime soon, but it was also a matter of how she felt. She felt stronger, more powerful, and just simply better. That's how you feel when you eat better quality food. Just better. No if and buts about it.

Pretty soon it caught on to several other clients and I realized that it was the perfect marriage of personal training and nutrition.

And that's how I got started making great food convenient and easy for a population of awesome people who just want to live, move and feel better regardless of goals or situation.

Message me now if curious about training or nutrition! Both can be offered as a packaged deal.

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