How to Row Without Hurting Your Back

Rower sprints can be a great conditioning tool to use to burn fat and enhance your conditioning, but far to many people use too much of their lower backs to perform the movement and end up hurting themselves.

Try it this way and make the movement more powerful and useful as a conditioning tool (see video).

By performing the rower sprint with a hip driven movement you enhance the overall power generated by the hips, lower and upper back, thus creating more power.

You can see this easily by putting your rower to a watt based setting and watch the watts increase with each powerful row.  By performing more watts, your essentially generating more power and force.  This creates a better overall conditioning effect, while saving your lower back from excessive strain and wear.

So the next time you're rowing, think of creating a smooth, powerful motion from the hips and upper back, not simply pushing with the legs and pulling with the arms.

"Smooth is fast, fast is smooth," as the old Army saying goes.

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