Hot Snatching

CPT SMASH tag teams a snatch workout with his friend Helena, ex-Olympic lifting coach who has a very skilled eye for spotting small technical form details in the Olympic lifts.

Olympic lifting is a super technical form of weight lifting and crazy fast. It takes a very skilled eye to spot small form deficits, which makes video and having a good coach observing your lifting a critical part of your lifting progression.

Overall this was a long workout, as most Olympic lifting programs take quite a bit of time due to the intense nervous system demand on the body.  This is where most Cross-Fit programs do it wrong for the Olympic lifts --they are performed to fast without enough recovery and for time.

Olympic lifting is a slow and methodical workout style.  You want to ensure taking at least 2 minutes of rest in-between sets, if not more in order to ensure the nervous system has an optimal length of time to recover.  Especially since the goal is to create power - speed plus velocity.  You cannot try and speed through your workout quickly, nor should you try and do these complex movements quickly.

As you can see in the video, much of the work was done at a very controlled manner, with a good deal of warming up to a heavier load.  The emphasize is on form and technique, rather than overall loading and speed.

To finish off this workout, we worked on some front squats with bands 5x3, speed deadlifts 5x2, and some heavy core work consisting of palof pressing, incline setups and some ab rollers.

The workout today left my nervous system jacked and ready for more...until the next day when the overall fatigue hit.

That's another primary difference in the Olympic lifts or lifting at above your 95% 1-RM threshold for several reps is the overall fatigue of the CNS.  It's more of a draining sensation than an actual muscle soreness feeling that you get from a bodybuilding type workout.

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