High Intensity 20 minute Bootcamp Workout for Busy Moms with Dumbbells, Bands and Bodyweight


This LIVE workout done at SMASH's Strength Lab in Ottawa, Ontario features a full body workout designed to blast fat, tone muscle and sculpt those lovely legs. All exercises are done on a 30 second cycle and move from one move to the next quickly to increase the cardiovascular effect within the workout.

The whole workout should take you a little over 20 minutes.

You'll need some bands, a couple of dumbbells (one heavy, one light) and a kettlebell.  You'll also need a bench, step or something firm you can stand on.

Use caution when performing jumping type activities as stated in the video. We don't want anyone hurting themselves. Exercise should be fun and build up your body, not break you down.

Brought to you by CPT SMASH, retired military captain, private personal trainer, strength coach, powerlifter and owner of SMASH’s Strength Lab, a private personal training studio in Ottawa, Ontario with a constant dream of helping middle age women (and men) get into great shape through Strength Training, Conditioning and Nutrition.

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