Motivation is BS for Weight Loss


Motivation in fat loss is BS!

Everyone gets a small burst of motivation when they're ready to make a change to their lives, the only problem is it only lasts so long.

Even with appropriate goal setting that you've written down and have set in stone, you aren't going to make significant changes overnight.  And that's the problem with being motivated.  It's not enough to get you through to your goals.

Weight loss is a long, long process.

People make millions and millions of dollars of peoples initial motivation to get in shape, lose twenty, fifty, a hundred pounds, because they advertise that you can do all this in minimal time.  Or with minimal effort.  Just look at how many quick fix dietary books there are on Amazon.  Thousands of them!

And they're  all a bunch of crap!

Training and weight loss takes years and years of consistent effort.  Consistency not only with eating better over the long haul, but in exercising and training frequently so that the body adapts and takes a new form.

You just can't do it with a weekend spurt of motivation that lasts about as long as it takes for you to walk to the fridge and grab a slice of leftover cheesecake that you swore you wouldn't partake in.  Yesterday!

Be Accountable

For your weight loss efforts you need someone to keep you accountable.  You need someone that is focused on your goal and keeps you working towards that end, regardless of how feeble your motivation is for the day.

We all have those days when our motivation is lacking.  We have lives that are challenging all in their own way, some more so than others, but challenging nonetheless.  And when things get in the way we often forget of how hard it is to stay focused on losing weight, getting to the gym and putting that extra time in on the treadmill, when we'd rather just sit back and watch another episode of Stranger Things on Netflix.

Now whether you can keep yourself accountable by looking in the mirror and asking yourself the hard questions...

"Who am I?"

"What am I doing?"

"Is this how my life should be?"

"Am I where I want to be in my life?"

Or you have a coach like myself, those are the questions that you need to face up to, own and then go tackle them with a vengeance.


Find Your Why

If you can ask yourself these questions and aren't happy, you'll be more apt to change them.  But it has to come from deep down.  It's not a superficial thing like, "Oh, I don't feel great in these pants."

It's more along the lines of, "I flipping hate myself, and I need to make a change for me!"

You've got to make it hurt.  Make it lasting.  And make it your mission to succeed.

Not for anyone else, but for yourself.  Because you can get there and accomplish a lot.  But your drive can't be focused by such a minuscule force like motivation.

You've got to want it.  You have to need to change, as if your life depended on it.

Don't play around with your feelings.  Use them as your fuel to get started and then touch back on them often to keep yourself in the zone and what you're trying to achieve when the motivation is lacking.

Be satisfied with small bouts of progress, but look further at where you really want to be and keep pushing the envelope to that end.

And it's okay to have that self-talk with yourself.  You can be unhappy with where you're at, that's fine.  But don't let that discourage you.  Let that push you further towards your goals.  This is what gives you the drive to change.

So stop accepting the mediocrity in your life and do something about it.  But first figure out why you need to change and stop messing around with this half-hearted motivation.


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