The 12 Days of Christmas – Tips for the Holidays: Part 8


The 12 Days of Christmas - Tips for the Holidays: Part 8

Today's topic for CPT SMASH's Holiday special is all about training intensity.

You want to be training hard while you're in the gym, but during the holidays you should be able to tackle the weights even harder since your food intake will be high and you'll be recovering fairly easily due to lower stress demands that we talked about earlier.

You're already in the gym 3-5 days a week at this point, so why not make the most of your efforts and push a little harder than you normally would.  It's great to tackle those big compound moves with some heavy weight.  And it's going to feel phenomenal.

We're looking for something that's causing us to be a little emotional while under the bar.  Nothing super crazy, but you should be working hard.  Very hard.  That way you can make the most amount of progress in the minimal time you have to spend in the gym.

Now this will pack on some extra muscle mass and start burning fat like crazy, so you'll really be earning those extra cookies, pastries and pies at the end of the night.  So go nuts and crush some big weights in the gym.

Then settle down by the fire and watch those muscles grow.

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