The 12 Days of Christmas – Tips for the Holidays: Part 7


The 12 Days of Christmas - Tips for the Holidays: Part 7

The holidays are a fun time for most of us for sure, but it often involves lots of traveling and running around.  Now when you're traveling this is a really tough time to stick with your dietary and nutritional needs to fit in with all those gains you're trying to create in the gym.

The solution is to create an emergency kit that you can take with you in your car or wherever you're going.

Now we're not talking about putting together a bunch of bandaids, gauze and a tourniquet to tie off someone's neck when they cut you off in traffic (although it might be useful at times), what you're looking for is an emergency stash of food that you take with you everywhere.

Now in today's modern society it's ever so easy to have packaged food with you wherever you go.

There's really no excuse for not having something that you can eat at a moments notice that will keep you focused on the tasks at hand and keep you from running straight into the next Dairy Queen, McDonald's or Tim Hortons that you cross on your path.  Unless it's coffee, you darn well will need plenty of that this holiday season.

The best case scenario is that you pack with you a little cooler or dry bag with some small ziplock containers or bags with some mixed nuts, some dried fruit, a protein shaker with a couple bags of your favorite protein powder, jerky, pepperoni sticks, etc.  Those packages of sealed chicken breast and tuna fish work really well as well to pack along with you too.  Although you also have to remember putting in a fork or a spoon for those bad boys.

All great options and you never have to get stuck looking for something quick and ready to eat while on the go.

Don't let the holiday hustle and bustle beat you down.  Prepare for it and conquer the holidays like a pro.  Then strut into the new year with some bigger guns and tighter abs, because well, you earned it.

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