The 12 Days of Christmas – Tips for the Holidays: Part 4


The 12 Days of Christmas - Tips for the Holidays: Part 4

So, I was wrong, it's only part 4 of our holiday tips...but this tip is all about stress and taking care of your body.

Stress is one of those really hard fought battles that we deal with on a daily basis and it's killing a lot of us.

Our jobs, schedules, project due dates and never ending battles with traffic cause havoc with our hormones and keep us in the chronically stressed and fatigued system that just simply doesn't have enough time to recover.

The holidays are a great time though to take care of some of this stress since it's generally not super busy at work and there are plenty of opportunities to unwind, go hang out with family and friends (pending you find your family and friends relaxing) and you can kind of catch up from this never ending chronic stress response.

Now, training plays a big role in the stress response as well, since weight lifting and physical activity is a stress response on the body as well.  Typically this is more of a eustress scenario or good stressor for the body, but if you're a hard training athlete this can also cause you more problems than good if you're constantly overdoing it in the gym and in your workouts.

Use this holiday time to get in plenty of good quality food, get in some good sleep and hang out with family and friends to help melt all that stress away.

And if you don't have any family and friends or are just a loner just spend time doing things that you enjoy and bring you happiness and relaxation.  Everyone has their is the time to do it and reap the benefits of doing very little to do about anything.

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Jess Howland

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