The 12 Days of Christmas – Tips for the Holidays: Part 10


The 12 Days of Christmas - Tips for the Holidays: Part 10

The holidays are a great time for a nice cold, adult beverage or two!

Now many of us love our beer, wine and whiskey and that's great.  But how do we battle the bulge and still go out with our friends and enjoy a few tasty beverages?

Well, for one, moderation.  If you can manage to consume a drink very slowly and milk it throughout the night you'll have an easy time staying within your tolerances as far as alcohol is concerned, but if you're like me, you might have to try a different strategy like the one mentioned in the video.

Some other great tactic to avoid alcoholic weight gain during those festive holiday parties is to consume spirits or dry wines and avoid the beers and fruity drinks altogether.  This works great since you're eliminating a lot of the excessive carbs in those sugary disasters just waiting to cause your head to really hurt the next day.

Another great strategy is to plan ahead and limit your overall carbohydrate intake before heading out on a drinking spree for the evening.  If you know you're going to be drinking some wine or spirits later in the evening, go low on the carbs and heavy on the protein and vegetables.  You may even trim some of the fat off your daily meals just keep those calories in check, because alcohol packs almost as much punch as fat in as far as caloric values are concerned.

Other than, have fun, drink responsibly and don't worry, it's the holidays!  Have fun, drink, be merry and get back on track the next day.  Training should compliment your life and enable you to have fun and stay motivated for all life's adventures.  The holidays are just another one of those adventures.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have an episode of Rudolph to watch and a whiskey waiting for me.

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Jess Howland

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