Warning: The Fitness Conspiracy…Don’t Sign Up For Any Other Fitness Products Without Hearing This…


Warning:  The Fitness Conspiracy Revealed

This may shock a lot of you out there, but the fitness community is lying to you.  And they've been lying to you for years!

As a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer for around 25 years or so now, the majority of the fitness community is lying through their teeth.

  • They want you to believe you can get 6 pack abs in 20 minutes just by using this product or that product.
  • They want to sell you this magically fat burning pill that is going to make the fat melt away.
  • They want you to believe that this magical diet is the one for you, the one that will shed all the fat and leave the toned solid midsection that you've always wanted.
  • They also want you to believe that there's only one way to train and get hard, chiseled abs and sculpted glutes.
  • Heck, they even have a cleanse for just about every major ailment in the body, and all for the price of $99 you can have a pack of super ionized water that will cure all that ails you!

Well, they are all full of Bull$h!t!

There are only two solid ways to succeed at your (fat loss)(weight loss)(muscle gaining) goals.  And that is controlling your nutritional intake and exercising.  That's all.

Overall it's a rather simple equation.

Eat less (stupid $h!t) + Exercise More = Fat Loss

And the only real problem is that you have to be willing to make the changes necessary to make this happen.

You're going to have to do the "things" to make it happen.

Your going to have to make changes to your routine.  Your lifestyle.

You're going to have to sacrifice a few things to get this done.

And then you're going to have to accept that it will be challenging along the way.

You're going to battle with road blocks, injuries, time issues, societal pressure and a whole host of things that are going to knock you down.

Get back up and get on the horse!  You've got this...

Why Should You Believe My Hype

Well, many of you may not.  But I'm living proof that exercise and nutrition can both change your mind, body and soul.

In fact I started out like many of you out there.  I was a pudgy youth that loved to play sports and was quite active, and yet still I was fat.

I eventually figured out that not eating and working out like crazy sounded like the best answer to get crazy lean and become super popular.  Because being popular was so important at that stage of life.

The only problem was I didn't know how do it.  I didn't have the tools to do the things.  The things I needed to be successful at achieving optimal fat loss and build an impressive amount of muscle mass.

So I failed.  And failed some more.  Eventually it boiled down to a horrible pattern of disordered eating.  This disease plagued me for a good 10 years of my young life as a teenager, until I finally found the proper path of exercise and nutrition in university.

And it still wasn't a 10 day fix, but a journey that continues on to this day.  I continue to learn and grow in the strength sports and learn new things about nutrition all the time.

But for you the journey is just beginning.  The journey will be long and hard, full of your own personal battles and perils, but in the end totally worth all the blood, sweat and tears you pour into it.  As long as you stick with it.

The First Thing Is...

You have to decide if you're worth it or not.   You have to make the conscious decision that it's time for making a change in your life and your willing to give whatever it takes to get there.

Not in an unhealthy way mind you, but you have to be ready to make changes happen!

If you're ready to make the changes necessary to lose fat and build solid muscle then keep reading.

If not thanks for taking the time to hear a bit about my story and hopefully someone else will have the right words to reach you and give you the holy grail that you're searching for...

So here's what I know...

Your diet is the only true way to lose weight.  You must control your amount of calories your consuming in order to drop body weight and unwanted body fat.

Keep in mind you can do this without exercise.  Although, it's much harder and you're not going to get the body you always wanted without exercises.  As humans we were destined to move and do things.

Exercise is the catalyst that teaches your body what to do with calories.  It helps elevate are metabolisms and keeps us burning more calories per day than we would sitting on our duffs.

Resistance training is far more efficient than other means of exercise, simply because it builds muscle and strength, bone mineral density, and burns a ton of calories while at rest.  All things we need as we age.

Cardiovascular training is great for burning off extra calories and helping move the scale weight downwards, regardless of type of cardio performed.  Long slow distance and short fast high intensity training both have pros and cons, but both will work towards weight and fat loss goals.

The other important topics to consider...

Consistency is the key for everything in fitness.  If you continually are striving to get better at something and are working at it every day, every week, you will eventually at least become descent at it.  Therefore you will get better.  And better is good!

Small increment progressions are the only true measure of fitness.  No one can increase strength rapidly and/or lose large amounts of bodyfat overnight.  It's just not possible or feasible. And I don't care how many infomercials you've watched about people burning off 20lbs of fat in 30 days, it just doesn't happen.  That's photoshop people!

So don't fall for BS claims that magically promise you these things.  If it worked, everyone would already be on that band wagon.  And I've yet to see "Exercise Jesus" magically appear and bless you with the body you've always wanted with a wave of the hand.  Believe me I wish this was the case.

Lifestyle changes are going to happen if you are to be successful.  You'll have to think more about your food choices and your exercise habits will gradually have to increase to where you're as active as much as you can in order to achieve your goals.  An object that stays in motion will remain in motion, and also look the part.

Everyone is different and different strategies work for some people, but not for others.  Many questions in the fitness and health realm are best answered with an overly long winded answer of, "well it depends."  Because you're all unique flowers and require different things in order to thrive.  So make sure you water the flowers and not the rocks.

So Now That You Know...

Here's a quick and dirty template to The Quick Cheat Sheet on How to Burn Fat and Build Muscle!

This is a collection of strategies that will put you on the right path to success.  Is it the holy grail, no.  But if you love cake and want to eat it to, I guarantee if you follow these things you will be on a much better path to getting fit than if you choose a quicker easier route.

All The Secrets Are Revealed

So now that you've gotten all the secrets in fitness there's not much to else to say.  The formula is right there in front of you to use as you will.  but I will say there's a lot of trial and error involved in these processes.  There is for everyone.

One method that may work great for one person, may not be unfit for another.  And there's often many paths to get from Point A to B.  Generally the path is a zig zag.

That's why it's important to have someone you trust in your corner to help provide you with a detailed plan or give you advice when you're struggling.

If you're curious at how we can help you further here at the Strength Lab, we offer many different options to help motivate, inspire and guide you towards success in your fitness journey.

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