Is A Beach Body A Reasonable Goal?


It's that time of year again, when beach body season is going to be in full swing here very shortly.  Will you be ready?

Beach Body or Something Else?

The big question is whether or not attaining a beach body a reasonable goal for you right now?  Now we all choose different reasons for getting into fitness and sticking to our exercise goals.  Some people want to look better, pure aesthetics.  You look in the mirror and see someone you don't recognize anymore and that's fine.  The majority of people out their start off with an aesthetic goal.

But this isn't generally the biggest underlying reason for you plugging away at your fitness goals.  It's not the true driver of the this train that we're on.

For that you have to dig deeper.  Peel the layers of the onion away to figure out your deep why.

Why should I exercise hard?

Why should I eat right?

Why should I sacrifice so much to get this (x,y,z goal type)?

More often than not after we've peeled the layers of that onion away we find that looking good is just a piece of the puzzle and not the big reason for getting in better shape.  This is our real fuel and keys to success in accomplishing our fitness goals.

For a goal to work, it has to have a BIG, BIG WHY!

Age Changes Our Goal Types

This "why" is especially true as we age and get older.

Looking good in a bikini or bathing suit is nice, but you care less and less about that stuff as you get older.  Yes, you still want to look good, but feeling good and being confident is a much more important facet of life than having six pack abs.

Besides that is truly hard to maintain for most people that can't sacrifice everyday to workout and monitor their foods with zealous persistence.

Can it be done?

Of course.  But it all about how much you're willing to sacrifice and commit to.  If you can't spend an hour or more a day working on your fitness how are you going to get there?

It's going to be tough.  But you can do it.  The problem is do you have to?

Focus On Deeper Meaning

But if all you really want is to feel better in the morning, have less pain getting through your day, be able to carry some heavy stuff around without asking for help and not get winded walking up a flight of stairs that's easily accomplished.

You can attain goals such as these with a couple days of focused exercise, some mindful eating habits and moving a bit more everyday.  This our model here at the Strength Lab, in getting a bit better everyday.

Yes, we all have those physique minded goals on our burners, but often they take a back seat to just being able to get through your day without hurting and having that confident stride of someone who knows that they are getting strong, fit and capable of anything.

With a little time and consistency everything comes to pass and you not only have less pain, but move better.  Your mood improves with each time you exercise and you start wanting to exercise more and more.  Eventually it becomes part of your routine and you feel lousy when you miss a training session.

Who knows eventually you might even get to that six-pack abs and toned glutes once you've adopted a fitness lifestyle and become in love with how good it feels when you exercise the body hard.

But first you have to figure out your why to get going that will kickstart that drive to get better and get moving in a slow and determined fashion.  And that only happens when you take the time to figure out your why!



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