Fat Loss + Muscle Gain + Strength Increases = Performance

As you can tell in the video above I’m very passionate about this subject, Performance is your solution to all your fat loss and fitness goals! (Sorry for the grainy video by the way).

If you want to get anywhere with your fitness you have to seek out better ways to perform.

Ways to get better at doing stuff!  That’s what fitness is right, the ability to do stuff.

If you get better at doing stuff you’re going to increase in performance and there’s only a couple ways that happens.  You get stronger, performance increases, so you can do more of that particular stuff.

You gain muscle, you are going to be able to perform better at more stuff.  Daily life activities are easier, carrying heavier loads, picking stuff up, getting in and out of chairs or a deep squat, whatever…

Then while doing all this stuff, you get leaner, because your body is adapting to do more stuff.  It’s natural that you’re going to lose fat while being able to do more and more of that particular activity that you’re doing.  Especially when it comes to resistance training combined with a bit of cardiovascular efforts.


Now you’re going to flame me and say that nutrition should be in there too, but let’s say for argument that nothing really changes with your nutrition and you’re still fat…

It’s a possibility, but in most cases you can do a lot of the performance gains without a whole bunch of dietary modifications.  Naturally, if you start exercising and performing at a level beyond your current abilities your going to be burning off a lot of excess calories and therefore start losing fat providing that you're not over consuming on calories due to increased workload.

Where that doesn’t take place is when you’re eating absolute garbage all the time and think you’ll be a rockstar and have a solid six pack.  Unlikely.  Possible.  But still unlikely.

In the endstate, start with working on building performance in those activities that you do or would like to do to start the building process for strength and muscle mass, fat loss will start to happen and then when it comes time to look in the mirror we’ll discuss where to go with your nutrition.

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Jess Howland

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