Dry Needling Experience


Dry needling is a new experience for me.  I've been messing around with various recovery modalities for my whole lifting career and some work really well, some not so well.

Dry needling seems to be a great option for those of us with super tight muscles or imbalances where nothing else seems to work.

After suffering a serious groin ligament pull I've found that my adductors on that side were severely lacking in strength to the point where I could hardly move a light resistance band.  This is the main cause of my overly tight lateral quadricep muscle that has been overworked and stressed to the point of constant tightness, since as a serious lifter I was still squatting and deadlifting as heavy as possible with no pain.  No pain at least until this little imbalance started to aggressively stress my knee joint.

It felt as though the muscles were wrapped in a thick cable, rather than soft, pliable tissue that muscle should be.

The therapies that I underwent were constant rolling, lacrosse ball, vibration rolling, Graston technique, Active Release Therapy and massage.  None of those options seemed to work well enough to release the tissue, even after several minutes or frequent treatment cycles.

After one session of dry needling my quadricep released and the leg felt brand new again.

I suspect we'll have to have several more dry needling sessions on the quad to enhance the healing process as adductor rehab continues, but overall the therapy was a success.

As with everything, experimenting and finding different options for recovery are always in the lifters best interest to find what works best under certain scenarios.


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