Build Giant Triceps in your Home Gym with These Exercises


Got a home gym and you're wondering what you can do to build up the back of those puny arms of yours?  Perfect.  Let's start here.

This is a quick and effective way of blasting through those triceps in a quick and efficient Giant Set of close grip bench press, bodyweight dips and band extensions.

All you'll need is a bench with Olympic barbell, a dip station or some stools/benches side by side work too and a heavy band that you can attach overhead.

Now, you may have to tone down the speed at which you perform the exercises if you're starting at less than super hero strength, but you can always build up to performing this giant set with more vigor and intensity.

Start off with the main exercise the close grip bench press at a heavy weight you can press for about 5-10 reps.

Then bang out as many bodyweight dips as you can.  If you can't get a lot of dips at first, use your heavy band to help you out (band pinned around the bars and put your knees on top of the band for assistance).

Then transition into the heavy band pressdown to really burn out the triceps fully.

Take a good rest break and then bang out another 2-3 sets for optimal effectiveness and watch those triceps grow in the mirror.

You'll know this is working when co-workers are asking if you've been working out.  Or if you accidentally tear your sleeves off when you pick something up from the floor.


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