Experimenting at the Khabuki Strength

CPT SMASH playing around with some awesome toys at Khabuki Strength Lab, Transformer bar and Duffalo bar.

One of my all time favorite things to do while on vacation is to go and visit the cool gyms from around the world.

This gym happens to be in my old stomping grounds in Portland, Oregon -- the Khabuki Strength Lab.

This gym is pure blood and guts.  It's got everything an experienced lifter could want and more.  Super impressed with the facility, the staff and coaches.

I even got chewed out a bit by the legend Chris Duffin, which was a bit unnerving but warranted for me being a dumbass.  I can admit it, I get excited just like everyone else.  It's not everyday you get to lift with great equipment and super awesome people.

Totally wish we could have stayed in town a few more days to train with the team.  Maybe next time...

At any rate, had a great experience playing around with the Duffalo Bar and Transformer Bar.  We added those to the lab this year (2018).


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