The Problem with Easy and Fast Approaches to Fitness


The Problems with Quick and Easy In Fitness

There is a constant problem with our current quick and easy lifestyle.  It just doesn't work with fitness.  Everyone wants a quick and easy solution to their problems.  They want to lose weight, but they want to lose it fast.  Oh, and let's tap the easy button too.

Everyone wants to get stronger, but they want the results NOW!  Oh and let's not stress ourselves out too much to get there.  That's a given.

We Want, But How Much Will You Give Up

Want, want, want, we all want things and we want them now.

The problem is that the body doesn't do anything quickly.  It has a long progression of results over time.

And let's not forget to mention, we don't want to sacrifice anything.  We don't want to stress our bodies out by working out.  We don't want to spend anymore time than absolutely necessary to get to our goals.

Quick and easy, right?

The Reality...

If it took four or five years for you to finally realize that you were getting a bit heavy in the mid-section, well it's going to take some time to work all of that off.

If you haven't done anything for a long time physical and you're trying to blast yourself back to your former glory, well that's not going to happen quickly either.

The body is designed to adapt to changes over time.  Sometimes over the time span of a few years or more.

So change is going to take time.  The most valuable commodity that we all seem to take for granted.

"Oh, I'll do that next week."

"I'll get to it later."

"I've got plenty of time."

Most likely the longer you put something off, the longer your wait, the harder it will be when you finally decided, yeah, it's time to make that change.

Change One Key Habit

So the solution isn't to just throw your hands up in the air and say, "well screw it I'm destined to be this way forever!"

It's time to start looking at your habits and start building some new ones.  Basically, all you're going to do is replace those bad habits you've developed over time with better ones.  Ones that will help you lose the excess weight.  Will help you build some strength.  Will help you live a lower stress lifestyle and sustain your longevity over time.

And for most of us it takes one habit.  One key habit that we do everyday that will make all the difference.

Don't try to target all of your bad habits at once.  Simply focus on one habit that you'd like to change or that you feel will make the biggest difference.

Start with something you know that you enjoyed or were able to do in the past on a consistent basis.  Whether it was running, walking, having a protein shake in the morning, packing your gym bag ahead of time so you actually made it to the gym.  It's really all up to you.  But start with that one thing.  And just do it.  Do it everyday.

This will be the catalyst that takes over your life and makes you crave having to do it.  Eventually you'll want to do more and more good things.  Because after all if you're going to hit the gym regularly, well you don't want to slam several thousand calories of pizza and beer down all the time and ruin your gains.

You start exercising you're going to eat better.  You start eating better you're going to start feeling better.  You want more of that 'feel good' feeling, so you're going to seek other stuff out that will help you feel even mo' better.  Yep, mo' better.


Change takes time.  Have some patience and stick with your guns.  You'll get there if you really want to.  But you have to want to get there.  You have to really, really want to get there.  Start with altering one of your key habits and make it stick.  You can do it.  You just have to believe that you can get there and start with one small thing!


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