Home Workout for the Guys


Home Workout for the Guys


I based this home workout on the basic home gym setup that I made in this video click on this video for the basic home gym setup under $1200 bucks!


Now overall this is a great upperbody workout that should take you about thirty to forty minutes tops, if you're pushing hard and moving with a purpose.

You'll need to take short rest breaks inbetween sets to change weights and whatnot, but that's okay.  Take a second, change the plates out and add the weight you need and then get to work.  It should be about a 60 second recovery window inbetween the big compound lifts.

Obviously you can probably go a little faster with the bodyweight exercises.

Now the workout is setup as a basic push-pull upperbody, so it works great for getting a solid workout in with minimal time.  Perfect for the busy professional with little time to exercise, but the need for building some strength and muscle mass while burning some fat.

The speed of the exercises will give you that little added conditioning boost that should help with overall fat loss as well.

Enjoy the workout and stay tuned for more.  Please leave me any questions you may have below.

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