Growing Older Sucks But Moving Helps


It gets a lot tougher to train as you get older.  Your joints hurt, your muscles are sore, and your body just naturally starts feeling more and more run down.

It's tough to push yourself through a tough workout as you age.  The exercises that you used to do as a young man or woman don't feel as great anymore and they're sometimes a bit too much.

What's the solution?  Are you doing something wrong?  Maybe, maybe not.

The trick is to adjust your programming to accommodate your increasing years.

You won't be able to go as hard as often.

You won't be able to recover as fast.

And you definitely won't be able to get away with the stupid $h!t you used to do when you were twenty something.  Your body can still take a beating, but it's going to feel it a whole lot more later.

That's why it a huge advantage to have a coach, mentor or close training partner that you can either use to influence your level of intensity in the gym or shift the training focus a bit to allow you to train hard, have fun and still end up getting something out of your training.

Stopping or simply quitting isn't the solution.  You just need to bite the bullet and do what you can do.

Someday's your going to be in your 20's again (these are the days when you crush some heavy weights, set PRs and just feel awesome).

Someday's your going to be in your 40's (get in there, do stuff and go home).

And sometimes you're going to feel like your 80 and need a walker and a diaper change (these are the days you need to regulate the training volume, duration, load or simply get a kick in the butt from a coach or training partner).

It's all good as long as you learn to regulate your intensity and do what you can for the day.  Whether that's toning down on sets and reps.  Doing a longer warm-up (which you should be doing now after your 30's anyway).  Going down on weight and working your form.

Just keep moving!  Any day in the gym is a good day.  Keep moving!



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Jess Howland

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