Buns & Guns Challenge 2018

Hey guys and gals,

It's time for another Challenge for us and we're trying to help raise money to help cancer research!  So, we're starting up this Contest here for November!  Donate $20 dollars and download the workouts below so you can compete for the Best Beard and Bicep Combo for the guys and Best Glute Pic and Arm Measurements for the ladies.  Keep it tasteful ladies...we all know you're glutes are awesome.

You can checkout the full details on the Facebook link here and donate directly through PayPal!

Guns & Buns Challenge 2018

Thanks in advance and tons of others suffering from cancer thank you as well.  Cancer is such a horrible disease...finding a cure would mean ending millions of sufferers around the world.

Your donation could be the tipping point!

Click on the links below to download the workouts for the Challenge!

Guns & Buns Challenge Workout-Gun Challenge Workouts


Guns & Buns Challenge Workout-Glute Challenge Workouts

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