Blast Your Shoulders and Back with this 30 minute Home Gym Workout


Need a workout to blast those shoulders and upperback quickly?  This one is killer and designed to help build up those shoulders and upperback muscles.

There's always enough time to grab a solid workout, sometimes you just need a quick and effective plan to get it done.  This quick workout is just the ticket to blow through your shoulders and back in minimal time.

All together this workout should take you about 20-30 minutes if you're moving quickly and you can do it all from your home gym if you have the right setup.

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You're going to start off with your big ticket exercises to really get those muscles fired up.  Now if you're not doing a bit of stretching and dynamic warmup, it's better to start light and then work your way up into those heavier weights just so you're not going to pull any muscles and get a more effective workout.

Start off with this superset with provided sets and reps...

Seated Military Press 4x10-12

Wide Grip Pullups 4x10-12 (or max reps)

Rest for about a minute or two after this combination for a bit of recovery.  Then blast into the next series.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4x10-12

Chin-ups 4x10-12 (or max reps)

Rest again for a couple minutes to recover after this supersets combo and setup your rack for the next series.

Inverted Rows 4x max reps

Dumbbell Lateral Raises 4x10-15


Alright, time to relax, grab a protein shake and head off to do what you've got to do.  If you're really cooking through this workout you should be done in as little as 20-30 minutes.  Try and not take a lot of breaks inbetween sets as you'll get a better conditioning effect and be able to do more work per unit of time.

If you're struggling to get in the number of repetitions on each set your weight may be too heavy or you may need to take a bit more rest after each superset.  Again this is individual, so start with what you can handle and progress from there.

As with every workout you do, your body will eventually get used to doing this type of work and it'll get easier and easier.  This is great, but you'll have to find more challenging things to do in order to keep on progressing.

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