So You Want A Diet Plan

Have you ever gone to a gym and gotten a menu plan from a trainer? You know one of those little write ups with the eat this and not that...

You're told you can eat all this chicken and broccoli you want, but bacon, steak, butter, rice and all that other stuff is total garbage and you shouldn't put it near your face?

Yeah, I've heard of those guys before too. Here's how I'm different.

First off, I won't give you a meal plan. I'll charge you frickin' $1000 dollars for a cookie cutter meal plan, because number one, it's going to be something that I'd like to eat.  NOT what you typically eat.

Number two, they're a pain in the arse to make. I don't know what you're eating on a regular basis. Do you like greek yogurt and chicken breast? I have no clue.

Give me a detailed meal plan for 7 days though and I can help guide you through the process so you can get where you want to be.  It's a lot easier on me and more customized for you.

And that's what can really make the difference.  If you can customize someone's nutrition plan specifically for them you're bound to get a long term change in habits and nutrition.  That's the magic.

Once you've owned your new dietary regimen for a while and you start dropping weight, achieving results and getting where you want to be you can stay that way forever!  You've created a long lasting change that will help keep you young and awesome forever!

Trust me, you don't get a physique like Anne and Nat's by eating cucumbers and kleenex.

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