Explicit Revelation: How Do We Get Fat and What To Do About It


So are you ready to learn why you're still struggling to lose bodyfat?

You're on the latest and greatest fad diet, the keto, Atkins, low carb-high fat, high carb-low fat, whatever the case may be there is something that you're not considering other than driving yourself crazy counting calories and none of it working.

You're not controlling your insulin!

Insulin is one of those hormones that is essential for us to live.  It helps store away blood sugar into cells to keep our blood sugar levels under control.  When our blood sugar gets out of whack we develop things like diabetes II, where we're making too much insulin.  Additionally, when we don't have enough of it we develop diabetes I, in which our body doesn't produce enough if any insulin and we have to medically be administered insulin.  This is a medical condition that is not under our control; however, type II is entirely under our control and is closely related to the type of foods we are eating or are not eating.


And so how does it get out of whack?

Well, by eating too much food and the wrong types of food.  We're eating far too often and too much of the highly processed junk that floods our system with calories all the time.  Many of which we really don't need, we just have trouble accessing them.

You've heard of the weight loss technique of eating small meals throughout the day to keep yourself fueled up and blood sugar levels stable, this is a good start, but also can be a problem if you're eating the wrong things.

Or perhaps you heard that you have to eat breakfast as it's the most important meal of the day.  Nonsense.

Breakfast is simply whenever you break your overnight fast, regardless of when it happens.

While it's important to eat a nutritious and balanced diet, if we're struggling to get control of our weight the issue becomes clear.  We're simply eating too much and too often.  We're off-setting the delicate balance of hormones, in this case insulin, which causes us to gain weight.

If this scenario isn't corrected we will continue to gain weight as insulin levels climb higher and higher over time, simply because our body becomes resistant to insulin's effects.  This makes it almost impossible to lose weight because your hormones are fighting against your body burning fat.

Stop Triple Locking Your House

Look at insulin resistance like having multiple locks on the door to your house.  If you're one of those people that's constantly in fear of a break in or home invasion because you live in a bad part of town, maybe you have more than one lock on your door.  Perhaps you have a deadbolt, doorknob key and even a pad lock on the front door.  That's a lot of keys to juggle through if you're in a hurry and trying to run in to turn off the stove you forgot to shut off while leaving for work.

You want the ability for insulin to have easy access into your cells (ie. liver, fat and muscle tissue) so it can deliver nutrients quickly and effectively, with only one key to open the door.

But if you're resistant to insulin, then you're going to need multiple keys to do the same job.  When those cells are resistant to insulin it takes more insulin to do the same job.  Whereas when you have more insulin, you have more fat storage and less burning potential for fat.

We essentially become a fat storage machine, because we never get the chance to burn off those stored calories.  And when our insulin level is chronically high, all those essential hormones that are trying to help us burn fat are turned off.


So what to do, what to do....

The answer is very simple.  It's not in the form of a special diet or pill.  It simply comes down to fasting or not eating anything.

Intermittent fasting has been around for a long, long time in both religious endeavors and a means of cleansing the body.  We do this every night when we go to bed and are not around food for any length of time and those times when we're sick as a dog and simply don't want to eat any food.

Now the only difference here is that we're controlling our level of food intake through simply not eating anything (or drinking anything) with calories for a certain length of time.

It's not a form of starvation, we're simply not eating to cause a certain effect within the body.  What we want to see happen is our insulin sensitivity go up to the point where we can simply not eat anything and still be okay with this.

To some this is a horrific thought and quite scary.  It's not.  Your body is more than capable of being able to survive and even thrive from not eating anything for quite some time.  At the very least for a day or so.

Now we've all skipped meals.  We didn't die.  We simply got a bit hungry.  And it's a good point that you could have skipped a couple meals if you really applied yourself.

Fasting works the same way.  You skip a meal, you get hunger pains, then they go away.  They'll keep coming back over time, but with enough persistence and time eventually these will go away as your body gets used to using fat as a primary fuel source, your insulin levels will improve and so will control of your blood sugar.

The other magic thing that's going to happen...your going to lose weight!  It's hard to gain weight not eating anything at all right.

Stay tuned for an updated program in the Armory (down below) on how you can start this fasting process and titrate it into your life where you are in complete control of your food intake and can start losing weight easily without having to follow some crazy diet eating grapefruit and celery juice ten times a day.

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