Fixing Your F*cked Up Diet

After celebrating SMASH's Strength Lab's One Year Anniversary we're super pumped to be offering our first online product to help even more people with their fat loss, nutrition and physique goals!

This program is designed to help teach you how diets work, why they quit working and how to customize them to meet your needs so that you can LOSE FAT, FEEL GREAT and keep it off FOREVER.  I've used this very same seminar for years in the private sector and then in the National Guard to help keep our Soldiers fit and healthy, while maintaining their combat readiness.

And you know what?

It really works.  If you follow the principles in the seminar you will be successful at losing weight and keeping it off!

There's no gimmicks or flashy trick or special powders, just good ol' fashioned information all formatted into a digestible chunk that you should be able to see why under certain conditions your nutrition plan doesn't work for you and how to change it.

So if you're stuck and you've been from diet to diet without any results!

You're constantly yo-yoing back and forth between a certain weight because you can't commit to a specific nutrition plan?

Then this seminar is going to work for you.  Stop thinking that you can't figure this out.  It's really easy if you know the tricks and physiology behind what is making you fatter than you should be.

Check it out!

Click here to get the modules:  Fixing Your F*cked Up Diet Modules




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Jess Howland

Jesse "Captain Smash" Howland is the owner of SMASH’s Strength Lab, which offers targeted personal training to reach a variety of fitness and physique goals. A natural bodybuilder, competitive powerlifter, certified personal trainer, and nutrition coach, Jesse is often the go-to resource for personal training Ottawa. He studied Exercise Science at Oregon State University and even trained at the world famous Gold's Gym. He's a former US Army Captain with the 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, a former blog writer at Veterans Fitness Career College, and former Chief Executive Officer at U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM). His workouts and personal training are army-inspired to help reach your weightloss, athletic, or physique goals.