Carbs Make You Fat

When you go through the grocery store you can almost take a picture of what people are going to look like just by looking at their shopping carts full of groceries.  You’ll see the families with a good amount of healthy vegetables, fruit, meat and milk products lined up.  They’re lean and look quite healthy.  Then you see another couple that’s quite obese and they’ve got their cans of soda, bread, candies, and a couple packages of frozen dinners.  You could even do a lineup of shopping carts without their owners and probably pick out the owners just by their food selections.

This might sound stereotypical, but it’s often very true.  Now I’m not trying to promote any diet or another, but there’s one key thing you should know about your different macronutrients in your diet.

Excessive carbs in your diet will make you fat!  Period.  Done.

Well, I guess we could leave it there, but that wouldn't really start the explanation of why this is true.

So Are Carbs the Devil

Okay, it’s not that carbohydrates are bad, but it helps to get a little fired up before we talk about these heavy subjects, right?  Carbs can be very beneficial if you’re exercising at high intensities and performing a lot of high volume training.  There lies the key point—high intensity exercise with a lot of volume.  There it is, the real reason why carbs are useful.

In the counter argument against carbohydrates, they’re also very insulinogenic.  What does this mean you crazy, mad hatter?

Carbs stimulate a big insulin response in the body.  In fact they’re predominately why diabetics have to be on such a low carbohydrate diet in order to control their blood sugar fluctuations.  This the real reason carbs pose such a problem in the body—blood sugar regulation.

To keep things fairly simplistic we’ll just say that insulin is the primary storage hormone in the body that helps the body STORE calories.  If your insulin level is uncontrolled, you’re going to have a tough time controlling your body fat.  Bodybuilders have known this for years and years; hence why they avoid excessive carbohydrate consumption, dairy products and processed foods when they’re dialing down their body fat for a competition.

So if you control your insulin levels, you are in complete control how much body fat you accumulate!

Start off with something easy and add in a couple handfuls of vegetables in every meal and a bit of protein, boom insulin levels come down a bit.  Get rid of refined carbs and sugars and you have an optimal recipe for loosing bodyfat.  It's really that easy!

Now there’s more issues at stake here, but those will just have to wait a bit.

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More on this later…

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