Buns & Guns Challenge Workout

Jojo blasts through a tough glute and leg workout custom designed by CPT SMASH for the Buns & Guns Challenge.

We're trucking hard into November with the Guns & Buns Challenge raising money to benefit cancer research!  If you'd like to donate or participate please see this post on Facebook to donate!

And then you can go download the FREE WORKOUTS Designed to blast those arms and bring up those saggy glutes.  These are intermediate programs so if you're a bigger you can modify the workouts down a couple sets.

Let's keep the flow rolling this month.  We've raised $140 dollars so far!  Let's SMASH cancer this month!  Every little bit helps.

Thanks for being awesome.


Brought to you by CPT SMASH, retired military captain, private personal trainer, strength coach, powerlifter and owner of SMASH’s Strength Lab, a private personal training studio in Ottawa, Ontario with a constant dream of helping middle age women (and men) get into great shape through Strength Training, Conditioning and Nutrition.

We’re Invested in You, And Dedicated to Your Fitness

Strength + Mobility = Freedom

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