The Workout Armory

Access laser-targeted workouts aimed to improve your conditioning, strength, weight, speed, or performance. Join today and gain instant access to all workouts in the armory for a limited time as well as one-on-one coaching from Captain Jesse "Smash" Howland.

What's The Workout Armory?

As a former captain in the military, I had no choice but to train. And train hard, too. I've also competed in numerous competitions, from bodybuilding to powerlifting. And if there's anything I've learned throughout my career is that it doesn't get any easier.

If you're like most people, you know what you want. But you probably have no direction, little motivation, and no guide to get what you exactly what you want.

Above all, you have no results. Perhaps you tried to follow some program a friend or some website told you to follow. But you're still stuck like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere fast.

Do these sound like issues for you:

  • Have you put on some extra weight, you don't want?
  • Do you feel lethargic most of the time or simply unmotivated?
  • Has your progression stalled, stopped, or even worse, declined?
  • Are you too busy to join a gym or don't have time for a long workout?
  • Are you not building the muscle, strength, speed, or body you wanted?

After years of personal training and owning my own gym, I've qualified numerous athletes and bodybuilding competitors, who've placed in at least the Top 3 in their class, broke powerlifting records, and changed their lives, forever.

So why aren't you there, yet?

We all have at one point in our lives started a program, lost motivation, took longer breaks, switched exercises up, fell off the program, and threw entire workouts out the window.

The problem isn't just that your workout wasn't specific enough, motivating and encouraging you.

It's more that no one was keeping you accountable.  

No one has your own interests in mind.   But here at the Strength Lab we care about you and your results.  Whatever your scenario may be.

Welcome to your new accountability program

With access to all of our ongoing programming you'll get plenty of information/workouts to keep you motivated and fresh new workouts updated each and every month.

Not only that, but for everyone of my Premium Members you can contact me for a LIVE consultation* on your progress and get customized workout programming and nutrition advice.

That's the real beauty of our system!  It's evolving with you as you get stronger and fitter.  And helping you through the process when you faulted.  Because believe me we all falter at some point.

We're here to help you along your fitness journey.  Not simply give you some exercises that you may or may not do.

So are you ready to get leaner, faster, stronger?

Do you want to hit your goals, smash personal records, and do it injury-free?

Then get access to Smash's Workout and Training Armory today, and download workouts that are laser-targeted to reach specific goals.

Faster Results.  Efficient Training.  Affordable Prices.

Lock in this deal now while the price is so low!

The clock is ticking on your results, so why wait.


*Private Consulations are available at appointment times that vary and may be subject to additional fees.

Workouts in The Armory

Military Athlete Program

A periodized program for military members to build a base level of fitness that builds upon strength, power, overall work capacity, aerobic an anaerobic cardio strengths in a periodized fashion with three separate templates for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced participants.  This program runs concurrently for 3 individual month long periods.

Burn Cycle Bootcamp

A comprehensive fat loss program that incorporates 12 Weeks of solid strength training and conditioning.  The program includes 4 separate phases of training with the primary focus on strength, muscle toning, and fat loss conditioning.  This program will take anyone from zero to hero in 12 weeks!

Ultimate Core Workout

A program designed to build your core strength in a controlled fashion that gives you the ability to select your own exercise patterns based upon certain core movements and principles.

Beyond the Pink Dumbbell

A program for busy moms and professional women who want to build muscle, burn fat and look amazing.  This program is LIVE video based programming with concurrent coaching so that women can exercise in a safe, effective manner in the comfort of their own homes in as little as 20-30 minutes a day with a few small dumbbells and training implements.  Check out the new feeds updated monthly!

Train Thru Knee Pain

Training with knee pain is no fun!  And it's hard to continue making progress in the gym if you don't know a way around training around your knee issues, so now there's a program built entirely for you focused on working around your bum knee.  Get this program now so you can continue on making progress and crushing your strength goals, while rehabbing that knee to full strength!

The ADHD Workout Bible

Struggling doing the same thing day in day out in the gym? Not with this workout!  This workout is a bodybuilding program like no other.  This workout series has an endless amount of programming variations that will not only keep your gains coming on strong, but help you recover faster and train progressively harder and harder.  There are multiple variations within this series of workouts.

The Hormone Flux Workout

Are you tired of programs designed for men? Need a program that goes with the ebbs and flows of your body...then this is a program for you!  This program is designed to be aligned with your monthly cycle to focus on fat loss, toning lean muscle and enhance your conditioning, while keeping you feeling great and working hard.

Fixing Your F*cked Up Diet

If you've tried ever weight loss book ever written and nothing seems to work over the long haul, then this series is for you!

This is a nutritional and educational seminar designed to inform you on what is happening in the body when you're eating foods and how to create an effective nutritional program based on knowledge of your own individual needs and preferences.

This is not a diet, it's a way of eating that can be sustained forever!

Building A Better Beast Bodybuilding

Do you want to get as jacked and ripped as humanly possible? Well these bodybuilding programs are designed to do just that. These are 4-6 week programs designed around the serious lifter in mind, who wants to get stronger, bigger, and look powerful!

They are designed with particular areas of focus. So if you're after bigger legs, a huge chest or boulder shoulders, check out the programs in here for continue gains and progress!

The Road Warrior Program

Are you going on vacation or constantly scheduled for work trips that pull you out of your usual gym routine?

Well, then this is the ideal program for you.  Tailored around working out in small hotel gyms to the parking lot outside, you can build your own sustainable program while you're gone to continue making progress on your fitness journey!

Access The Armory in One of Three Ways

Basic Membership $5.97/month

Subscription to the workout site. You get full access to all the workouts for as long as your membership is active.

Advanced Membership $9.97/month

Subscription to the workout site and live chat option via Skype, FaceTime, or pre-recorded video. Get personalized answers, form critiques, one-on-one coaching for 15 minutes (one session per month).

Individual Workouts $19.97

One time fee to access individual program. You get full access to the entire workout within a single program.

Want to Join The Armory?

An armory contains an arsenal of weapons. But not every weapon is ideal for the job. Join the armory today and for a limited time, you get not only access to the entire armory but also a chance to get one-on-one coaching. Join today while the doors are still open...